Mobile blogging - Super Bowl of Birding!

As you may have noticed I sent through two test posts recently. Our blogging team recently kicked around the idea of doing blog updates during our Super Bowl of birding trip this weekend. My initial thoughts were that I wouldn't be able to participate in the mobile blogging as I don't have a PDA nor a data plan. I decided to look into it anyway and it turns out that Blogger has made mobile blogging accessible to all users, even the ones like me who are too cheap to pay for a data plan and a PDA.
If you're interested in joining the mobile blogging crowd check out these instructions - it's painless and quick. If all goes well I'll send through some highlights while in the field during our Super Bowl endeavor this weekend.


dAwN said...

Thanks for the mobile blogging info...might give it a try.

Owlman said...

Very easy to do dAwN, give it a shot!