Poll update: Cardinals vs. Steelers

Well after this weekend's Championship games we now know that it won't be an all-bird Super Bowl after the Ravens were defeated by the Steelers. In what turned out to be a slight shocker from me the Cardinals defeated the mighty Eagles to advance to the big stage for the first time since 1947 when they were still the Chicago Cardinals.

Now that 2 teams have been knocked out of the running, your odds greatly improve in my online poll. My vote went to the Steelers and I'm staying with my back up team. Who do you think is going to win? Can the Cardinals really come from nowhere and win it all? I guess time will tell.


noflickster said...

My first bird of the year was a cardinal, and when I took a "Powerbird" quiz many, many months ago I found out my "Power Bird" is a cardinal. And my daughter constantly reminds me that my favorite bird is a cardinal (not sure where she got that from, but there it is).

I knew I should've put some money down on this, but better yet, 2009 may be looking pretty good for me!

Or did I just jinx it? Nuts!

Owlman said...

Aren't kids funny. My oldest (5) will also come up with my favorite birds from time to time and it's not even close.

Sounds like you have the Super Bowl all figured out. I must say that in the back of my mind I'm pulling for Kurt Warner - it should would be a great story!