Post Superbowl of birding

We are wrapping up our awesome birding weekend this morning. So far we've had a 5 owl weekend and we even missed Short Eared Owl! This morning we picked up Snowy Owl - lifer for me and an AWESOME Long Eared Owl.


Anonymous said...

I am new to birding so I have not quite got all the lingo down yet but what is a "lifer"? Sounds like your trip was fun. Congratulations on placing 6th and 4th, how many teams were competing.

Owlman said...

Many birders keep a life list of all the birds they've seen. A lifer is any new bird that you've never seen before. I had at least 10 lifers this trip which is spectacular!

Thanks for popping in. Hopefully next year we'll move up the rankings a few more places. This year they had 21 teams competing, which Christopher said were a few less teams than previous years.