Saw Whet Research Center, PA

One of the blog readers just made me aware of an AWESOME Saw Whet research program based in Pennsylvania. The program has been going since 1997 and has become a world leader in Saw Whet research. To check out some of their interesting research results click here.

Interestingly many of the owls that were fitted with radio transmitters were found in Pitch pines, followed by white pines. Surprisingly none of the owls mentioned on the website used Cedar trees. A lot of the research that I’ve read mentioned Cedar trees and I wonder if the PA sites didn’t have a lot of Cedars or if the owls just preferred other sites…… The website only mentions the favorite owls, so maybe there were other owls that did use Cedars. Yet more Saw whet questions –sigh.


SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Hello Owlman. Dankie vir die kommentaar. Ek moet onthou om meer vir jou blog te kom kuier. As ek so deurlees klink dit vir my as of jy jouself nog geniet. Groete, Joan

Owlman said...

Hope to see you back soon Joan. Baie dankie! My Afrikaans is nie meer te goed nie - ek verstaan meer as wat ek kan skryf.

Thanks for popping in and I hope to hear from you soon.