Superbowl of Birding - Final Standings

So we ended in 4th place for species and 6th for number of points. We are reasonably happy with the results, although we feel like we missed a few easier 4 and 5 pointers. I got a bunch of lifers and a ton of nice pictures so I'll be blogging a ton more.


Amy said...

Hi Owlman, it was fun reading your updates today and I'm looking forward to reading more about the day! Congrats on the lifers and on 4th & 6th place in the SBB!

Owlman said...

Hi Amy,

Much appreciated. The weather was darn cold even for a North Easterner like me, but we had a blast. The company was great and the birding was hot!

Hopefully next year we'll improve on our good start in the competition as we all feel like we learnt a lot about how to approach the competition, especially from a time management perspective.