Superbowl of Birding Final

Final results for the day 72 species - 133 points


Will said...

Good Job Guys! 1st year are always rough at these type of events.

Owlman said...

Thanks Will. Yes we made some basic errors and missed some key birds, which was more about the luck of the draw than anything else. We saw at least 10 species yesterday that we missed on Superbowl day including Long Eared Owl - a 4 point bird that no one else saw. We all saw Eastern Blue Bird but we couldn't get 3 team members on them at the same time. We spent 20 minutes waiting for a 5 point Yellow bellied sapsucker that never showed up, even though many of the other teams saw it. These are the bumps and bruises of serious birding competitions and we're all better off for them.

Thanks for popping in.