Super Bowl of/and Birding

It looks like all the arrangements are falling into place and soon our blogging team will be getting together to participate in the Super Bowl of Birds. In case you missed the announcement check out this very funny post written by Corey at 10,000 birds in which I’m described as “a fearsome half-owl, half-human, whose affinity with those nocturnal predators will come in handy when tracking down hard-to-find owls”.

In line with the Superbowl and birding, we now know that a bird will be in the real Super Bowl this year. The four teams left are the Pittsburg Steelers (my backup team), Arizona Cardinals, Philadelphia Eagles and the Baltimore Ravens. I decided it would be fun to see who you think will win the Super Bowl. To cast your vote please check out the survey in the right hand navigation bar of my blog. If you’d like to improve your odds, you can wait until it’s down to the final two. I’ve been terrible at calling games this season, but I’m calling for the Eagles vs. the Steelers with the Steelers winning. What are your thoughts? Drop me a comment, I’d love to hear from you.


Gallicissa said...

What is the name of the start-studded bird blogger team. Is it Pittsburg Steelers ? Assuming it is, I have given my vote for that! (earlier name proposed at 10,000 birds was different). Anways, it sounds a crack birding team. I am sure you guys will go firing in all cylinders.

Owlman said...

Hi Gallicissa,

Our team is the Blogger Head Shrikes. It looks like everything is falling into place and we are ready to go. Hopefully the weather will warm up a little - brrrrrrrr.

Thanks for popping in!

BLRem said...

Hi Owlman -
Gee, I'm frightened to say ANYTHING about football after this year...every time I made a prediction I cursed them to hell, apparently! ;)

Well, the only thing I am predicting (hoping!)is that the Arizona Cardinals will be one of the teams. I like Kurt Warner - he's not only a great player but an even better person. His life story is inspiring....and since the Packers, Patriots & Jets are out of it, I'm hoping the "nice guy" finishes first! :D
PS Next fall I will resume my "get him, pound him, kill him...show no mercy and WIN" football attitude. For now it is on hiatus! :D

corey said...

I'm just interested in seeing exactly what you look like? Do you have ears that stick off the top of your head? Wings or arms? Inquiring minds want to know...


Owlman said...

Barbara, looks like you're in with a shot. The Cardinals are playing well although I'm not sure that they'll hold up to the Steelers.

Corey, you crack me up dude! I wish I did have an owl mask so I can scare the bejesis out of everyone. I guess you'll soon have an opportunity to check out my ears on the top of my head......actually that's why I'm always wearing a cap - you caught me!