Superbowl of birding: LIVE updates!!

Within less than 24 hours the Bloggerhead Kingbirds will start assembling for the Superbowl of birding IV. The event start EARLy on Saturday morning and we're all rearing to go. Our fearless leader - Christopher from the Picus Blog is so committed to the cause that he’s doing a dry run today to scope out the best locations at the optimal time. {Hats off to Christopher for ALL the work he's done} The reason for this is because birds are assigned point values based on their rarity, so it’s not necessarily about how many you see but what you see. In addition, the team that reports a 5 pointer first will get bonus points, so it’s important to get as many 5 pointers first as possible.

Considering that our team is made entirely of bird bloggers we decided to keep our readers in the loop with live updates. I’ll be sending through reports on a periodic basis to this blog and N8 will be twittering at https://twitter.com/NC_N8 I won’t be able to read your comments while out and about but I look forward to reading your comments when I get back to NJ. As far as I am aware this will be the first birding competition that will have live updates from a competing team, so it should be a blast. This will also be my first foray into competitive birding so I’m looking forward to this new experience.

Our team for the Superbowl of birding:
Will be made up of one African and Patrick from the Hawk Owl's Nest, Corey from 10,000 Birds N8 from The Drinking Bird and our fearless leader Christopher from the Picus Blog.

Our targets:
Some of the awesome birds that we are aiming to see include King Eider, Black-headed Gull, Ivory Gull, Snowy Owl, & White-winged Crossbills. We’re also heading up north for the cooperative Northern Hawk Owl, a lifer for me!

We're nearing the time when all the talking will be done and it will time to start spotting some serious winged wonders. Wish us luck!
BTW, Our Bloggerhead Kingbird logo was designed by the folks at Birdorable.com so make sure you swing over there to check out all the amazing stuff they have.


Lynne said...

OK now men- git out there and git some birds!!

Owlman said...

Yes ma'am sure will do!