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This is to check formatting for longer texts. wow i have a thousand characters and nothing to say. the big red fox jumped over the small little hedge. so far we've seen hawk owl, long eared owl, ivory gull, great eastern fronted wattled crane, ivory billed woodpecker, long tailed eagle. we're hoping that the weather will stay warm and the birding hot. all is well-test out.


Christopher said...

Unforunately, the great eastern fronted wattled crane hasn't been seen for a few weeks now, but we should be able to nail down all the others though! :D
Seriously though - thanks for checking up on this! Very cool!
Only 4 more days...

Owlman said...

Wattled Crane are awesome birds! I keep telling you to head over to SA. Wattled, Blue & Crowned Cranes all in one place the size of Texas! If you like Cranes check this out:http://www.ewt.org.za/species_cranes.aspx I've been lucky enough to have seen all three in SA. The Natal Midlands is the best spot for them - actually for most birds including the very rare Beared Vulture.....probably more info than you were bargaining for, right?

4 days and ticking. I'm doing my VERY best to get rid of a nagging cold. Regardless I'll be there in great spirits.

N8 said...

This is pretty cool stuff.

If you post on blogger with photos and I tweet, we'll have this thing covered head to toe.