Wordless Wed: Gulls in flight

Photos taken over this last weekend. Gulls were plentiful and nice and big, so it made for easy shooting even with my handicapped lens ;-)


Lynne said...

I think we often don't see the beauty of gulls. These are great.

Bird Girl said...

Yes, I agree with Lynne - lots of birder's really don't see the beauty. Several people from the PA Bird list went to Mass. last weekend and got beautiful images of the Ivory Gull. Someone got a store bought chicken and the gull was having a feast. I really like that one side flight shot when the gull is looking right at you!

Warren Baker said...

Hi owl man,
just found your site by looking at my visitor list.
I must say you've got some great owl pics showing, they look even beteer than the species over here!

mon@rch said...

Stunning Wordless Wednesday . . . gulls can be so much fun to photograph!

Owlman said...

Thanks Lynne. I have a fascination with birds in flight.

Bird Girl, you and Lynne are so right. We were talking about it this weekend especially how we dismiss the common, but remarkable birds such as Blue Jays. Please don't mention the Ivory Gull - we missed it TWICE....

Hey Warren, thanks for popping in. I didn't know you could track specific visitor - very cool. The species over here are pretty darn cool, although I'll to check out your neck of the woods some day.

Thanks Mon@rch, I like the fact that they cruise in a relatively straight line which makes it easier for me to focus.

Thanks for popping in all, it was nice to hear from ya.