All Flickr'ed up

I finally made the leap and signed up for my Flickr account. I've uploaded a whole bunch of photos although I'm not a 100% sure how people go about finding your photos. There are a zillion Flickr accounts so how do you use your account? I guess many people use it to share family photos, rather than purely as a site to upload a bunch of bird photos. Anyway, I thought it would be a nice addition to the blog in case people wanted to see more of my photos. I've added the Flickr shortcut to the right navigation panel.


Namib Naturalist said...

I sort of agree. I usually put stuff on Flickr that have nothing to do with anything. Almost like instead of deleting them, I put them there. If it's nature stuff, I rather stick it on my blog.

But searching through flickr can be amazing. There are really good images.

P.S. Added you as a 'friend' on flickr.

Oh, and Pel's Fishing Owl, I have now seen them around five times. But the best sighting remains one were we were out on a river after sunset, on the panhandle, and saw them fishing on the river in the last light of the day!

noflickster said...

Great question! I try not to overwhelm the blog with too many images, just a couple that lend something to the narrative. But I often have more I'd like to display, I started putting some on PicasaWeb, then I played with Flickr. My general, not completely thought out thoughts are to:
- put a couple on the blog
- put a series on Picasaweb, almost like a warehouse of images
- put the best of those on Flickr.

I'll be interested to hear what others do. I've seen many posts on listserves where people point to images on the web, sometimes Picasa, sometimes Flickr (other times SmugMug and others) - and those are from the same person! So they also have multiple sites they store images, not sure what their thought process is.

Nice shots, by the way!

Owlman said...

Namib Naturalist, I think that's how I'll approach it. I'm sure that people will simply find me via Flickr, but let's hope. Seriously, enough with the Pel's stories already ;-) Jees, you are sooooo lucky. I would give a limb to see Pel's fishing. Did you get photos of the Pel's? If so, I'd love to see them. Thanks for the comment, much appreciated!

Mike, yeah I take a lot of bird photos and I post the best to the web. I think Flickr would be a good dumping ground in case people want to check through my 'portfolio'. Thanks a lot for the compliment. I am actually surprised how many decent pics I've taken over the years especially given that I am using a budget DSLR setup. Much of bird photography involves luck and I've had my fair share ;-)