Cool garden bird

I was making lunch on Monday when I noticed a small bird skulking about in my Mulberry tree. I was thinking it was a Nuthatch when it suddenly dropped down about 6 foot and then started making its way back up the tree trunk. I ran and grabbed my camera because I knew it was a Brown Creeper even without looking at it through my binos. The reason for my excitement wasn't because it’s a new garden bird, but just because I've rarely seen them in the garden and they're pretty cool looking birds. They also move around a lot, so getting a decent shot of them is pretty tough. I managed to snap a 'record' shot of the Brown Creeper in my garden, which is a nice first for me.


Bird Girl said...

Glad you caught this hyper-active little creeper in your garden (and LUCKY you to have a big mulberry tree in your yard)!

Kallen305 said...

Very cool to see the creeper. I have only seen one once.

I too have a mullbery tree in my yard! I can't wait until it ripens becuase that means lots of photos!!

MaineBirder said...

Nice find!

Believe it or not, we had 3 Brown Creepers in the yard today. FOY for us.

mon@rch said...

Brown Creepers are hard to get a photo of! Great job and good find!

Patrick Belardo said...

Nice! That's one I'm expecting in my yard any day now. I'll have to keep an eye out during migration. I only have a few trees, so it may not be as easy as I hope.

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