Cooper's hawk window strike - HELP

Sadly I had a fatal Cooper's hawk window strike this morning. The hawk head the window square on and broke its neck. This is the first time we've had a bird strike this window and I can only assume that the combination of overcast weather and actively pursuing prey led to its tragic demise. Can any advise me whether there is somewhere local that will take it for research?


Nate said...

Put it in the freezer. If there's a state science museum or something I'd offer it to them first.

If they don't want it, let me know. I know we'd take it at our museum and I'll send you the fed-ex info. All you'd have to do is put it in a box and we'll take care of the rest.

Owlman said...

Hi N8,

Thanks a lot for the info. I gave one of our local rehab centers a call (Raptor Trust) and they offered to send it to The Museum of Natural History in NY if I brought it in. I figured with us leaving tomorrow I better run it out to them, which I did.

Thanks again for the offer and the info.

Nate said...

Excellent. Too bad the bird died, but knowing it's going somewhere useful is nice.

Owlman said...

Yeah, my heart was broken to see such a beautiful bird just lying there. I suspect this is the same hawk that's been feasting on all the finches over the past few weeks. I'm glad he'll be useful to someone - I just couldn't throw him out.

North West Birds said...

Do you have a window strike solution? Sometimes they help.

Owlman said...

Hi Northwestbirds,

Yeah, I'm gonna get some Window Alert decals when I get back from Disney to make sure this doesn't happen again.

Thanks for popping in!

North West Birds said...

Good idea. I hope they help!

Julie Zickefoose said...

I'd add, if you're planning to donate birds to a museum, to always write the date and location on a slip of paper with permanent ink, and slip it in the ziplock bag with the bird. Birds without data are essentially useless as scientific specimens. I have donated hundreds to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, each one with its own date and location--priceless information to ornithologists.

Thanks for the shoutout in my comments section about my article in the latest (March/April) Bird Watcher's Digest, outlining our plan for protecting birds from window strikes. It works, 100%, and I can't tell you what peace of mind we feel as we no longer hear thunks. To order a copy, call 1-800-TRY BIRD.


Julie Zickefoose