Exciting new blog!

A few weeks back I posted some Short eared owl photos from a young birder by the name of Kyle. Kyle and I share a passion for owls and I asked him permission to post some of his incredible Short eared owl pictures that he sent me.

Since then Kyle and I have corresponded several times and I’ve encouraged him to start a blog featuring his fantastic photos. He’s taken me up on the suggestion and I’d like to encourage you to check out his site. As you are well aware it can be daunting starting a new blog and your encouragement will be much appreciated. Kyle definitely has a natural talent for bird photography as I’m sure you’ll agree when you check out his site. So far he’s posted photos of Short eared owls, Bald eagles and a Red tailed hawk eating what looks like a delicious lunch. Please pop over to bird-boy’s blog and check out his awesome photos.


Bird Girl said...

This pictures is AMAZING!!! I am so jealous (just kidding) but I really would love to get a shot like that before I die! I'll be sure to visit this fellow's blog!

By the way - guess who came to my nest box today???

Owlman said...

No way, a Screech owl this quick? Jees, I am really jealous.....