It's not easy being an overachiever!

Hopefully everyone participated in the Great Backyard Bird Count and received a certificate to proof it. Aptly this year's certificate has a Great Horned Owl on it so I decided to proudly display mine on the site. Here are the results to date for the Great Backyard Bird Count - 2009. I spent the first day counting at my home feeders and I was lucky enough to see Red winged black birds that have been back several times since. I also had a throng of Pine Siskins (along with the rest of NJ). On Sunday I had a quick fly over from a small flock of White winged Crossbills and I also saw a solitary Yellow rumped warbler. I'm in the process of scouting out locations close to home and I spent some time looking for owls, but struck out. On the positive side I did find some pellets which is encouraging.
How was your count - anything exciting?


BLRem said...

You saw a Yellow-Rumped Warbler already?! OMG I am green with envy.....or should that be "yellow" with envy.... :D

Well, that means they should be up my way soon...however reading this as we just got pounded with 13 more inches of snow is not encouraging!

Owlman said...

Barbara, the Yellow rumps are tough to find in winter and you normally hear them before you see them. We were hit with a 6 incher over here which is the biggest 'storm' we've had this winter. We've had consistent snow but just a few inches at a time. I'm ready for Spring!!