Off to Disney World- warm weather yippeee!

On Monday my whole clan is heading off to Orlando Florida to check out Mickey Mouse and his buddies. The kids are already bouncing off the walls with excitement. So far they're excited about Mickey mouse, Donald Duck, the princesses, roller coasters and fireworks. I'm pretty confident that we'll be able to meet all those expectations and MUCH MUCH more.

The most surprising part of the build up to the trip has been that my 2 year old son is as excited as his sister! Both of them are balls of energy so I expect that my wife and I will be WIPED out by the time their bed time rolls around. I’m a kid at heart so it’s going to be awesome spending time chilling with the kids and relaxing in a place with warm weather and blue skies. I doubt I'll do much birding, although I'm hoping that there are some cool birds hanging around in the parks.


Nate said...

Well, you should see loads of White Ibis, at least.

BLRem said...

Have a great time, Owlman! Disney is one of my fave places to visit and I'm pretty much a "Disneyholic" - did a mother/daughter vacation last month - 80 degrees everyday, very short lines, free upgrades everywhere due to the economy and time of year.

Try not to miss Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios and your whole family should love Soarin' in Epcot (Test Track is also two thumbs up). Make use of Fastpasses and note that you can get another one before using the first (the time you can get another one is posted on your current Fastpass) and that the time they "expire" is not applicable, just the time you can first join the line...if it says show up at 3:15 - 4:15 for example, you can go ANYTIME after 3:15 that day for immediate access. This saves lots of backtracking and allows you to save multiple fastpasses for when you want to ride.

Also, you will see many birds and wildlife at Animal Kingdom - they do a great job. Make sure to go through it slowly because the trails are half the enjoyment there. The Everest coaster is a blast and don't miss the Safari.

For a great character breakfast with Micky, Goofy, Pluto, etc., eat at Chef Mickey's in the Contemporary Hotel. You will need advance reservations so call ASAP. This hotel is on the monorail line and will take you right to the Magic Kingdom after you eat. Since your kids are young, I bet the Magic Kingdom will be where they want to spend the most time. The Crystal Palace there is also a super character dining experience with Pooh, Tigger, etc (try them for lunch - again, you will need advance ressies).

Sending you lots of "Pixie Dust"! :D

Owlman said...

N8 - I'll be looking out for them. Apparently there are a bunch of Swallow kites around too.

Thanks for all the info Barbara. This is my first trip to Disney so I'm sure it will be a real eye opener for me!

Owlman said...

Barbara, we had a great time - THANKS for all the tips they really helped!