The owl scrum

Sometimes getting a good photo of an owl can require some serious scrumming technique, especially once the crowds find out that a unique bird has been discovered. I had mentioned that I regretted not taking a photo of the actual photography pandemonium that ensued once a few people discovered the Long eared owl during the Super bowl of birding weekend in MA. Well luckily my man Corey from a 10,000 birds had his thinking cap on and snapped a pic. Click here to view the scrum. By the way, I'm the guy right in the front of the scrum and the actual position in rugby would be a prop. Generally props are shorter than 6 foot and they weigh somewhere in the region of 250lbs plus – often closer to the 300lb mark. I would make a terrible prop, as I am 6.1 ft and 215lbs. Nonetheless my commitment paid off and I took some killer shots of the Long eared owl.


corey said...

You're welcome.

Now you owe me an owl...or, at least, that is what I am demanding.

Owlman said...

I'll see what I can do Corey. I may have a good lead on a GHO nest - interested?

Anonymous said...

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