Pine Siskins: Wordless Wednesday


MaineBirder said...

With an American Goldfinch in the mix. Nice photo!

Bird Girl said...

Love that flight shot showing off the siskin's good looking wings!

mon@rch said...

The most perfect little birdies for Wordless Wednesday!

BLRem said...

Great Capture!

Owlman said...

Thanks MaineBirder. Yeah, the Goldfinches are getting pushed around by the Siskins at the moment.

Thanks Bird Girl, I love taking flight shots especially when the wings are this interesting.

Thanks Mon@rch I couldn't agree more - I'll sure miss them when it warms up. The good news is that I have an Indigo Bunting to look forward to!

Thanks BLRem!

Thanks for popping in and commenting all - as always MUCH appreciated.