White winged crossbill: NJ

This winter New Jersey has been blessed with several irruptive bird species. Irruptive species are birds that don't normally winter in a particular area. These irruptions add a dramatic level of excitement to winter bird watching and I’ve been lucky to have both White winged crossbills, Pine Siskins and Purple Finches in my yard. We have also had reports of Common Redpoll in New Jersey, but I haven’t seen any yet.

This morning I had a flock of about 10 female White winged crossbill eating Hemlock cones from the ground. I would have liked to have seen some males, but this was a girls’ breakfast event.

More photos at my Flickr photostream.


Patrick Belardo said...

Awesome! Any thoughts on whether it's the same flock from before?

Lynne said...

Waaa! I looked three different days last week for the White-winged Crossbills here in town and couldn't find them.
You got amazing pictures!!!

Kallen305 said...

Great photos. I especially like the last one. I have a hemlock in my yard so I am going to have to pay closer attention to it.

Owlman said...

Patrick it’s hard to say, although the other flock had a lot of males interspersed in it. I actually heard another flock at the same time going over head so I wonder if that had males in it. The ladies actually hung around all day today, which was awesome.

Lynne, look at us out shining you on irruptive species - wow! The nice thing about the Crossbills is that they allow you to get very close once they're comfortable and in feeding mode.

Kallen305, I tend to hear them before I see them. Listen for them you can't miss them. They really seem to like the hemlocks around here.

Thanks for popping in all and commenting.

Bird Girl said...

Wow! I have yet to see these guys and you sure got some great shots! Bravo!

mon@rch said...

Most perfect shot of the crossbills! BRAVO!