The extreme sparrow challenge

I'm a pretty big sucker for reality TV action packed with challenges and I decided to bring this addiction to my blog with the extreme sparrow challenge (insert dramatic music here). What makes the challenge extreme is that you are getting VERY bad looks at these sparrows.

Below are 5 different sparrow species and you have only 5 minutes to examine them and place your vote in the comments box below. You can click on them to enlarge the image. If you take more than 5 minutes your screen will go black...well not really but let’s pretend! Good luck, and may the force be with you. I'll be running the challenge for a month, so the closing date will April 19th! Because I know the answers, I never know whether this is really tough or really easy. I guess once I tally the numbers at the end I'll know.
Note: Both sparrows (flight and sitting) are the same species
Note: Sparrow is sitting - not in flight.

Click on the comments link below to add your answers for 1 - 5.


noflickster said...

My guesses:
1. Chipping
2. Song
3. American Tree
4. Fox
5. White-throated

Whew, I think I made it under the 5-minute constraint.

Nice quiz, thanks!

Patrick Belardo said...

I agree with Mike.

Jochen said...

Yeah, me too, including his "nice quiz, thanks!".

I love a small sparrow fix before my lunch break.

Anonymous said...

my guesses;
1.white crowned
3.American tree

cool quiz, I think i might have gone a little past the 5min. mark
but hey it's been a really long winter!

North West Birds said...

1. Chipping,
2. Okay, I have to remember you live in the east..... well, Everybody else is guessing song sparrow and I understand they vary so I guess I'll have to go with that,
3. American tree,
4. Song or fox,
5. White-throated.

That was hard because we live on the opposite side of the country!

North West Birds said...

Seeing the gray face on #1 suggests that it may be a swamp sparrow?

chris said...

field sparrow