Owl baiting poll results

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in the owl baiting poll and the lively discussion that followed. 77 people voted with the majority 56 (72%) voting against owl baiting, while the remaining people 21 (28%) voted that owl baiting was acceptable. Although different points of view were presented the discussion stayed respectful and no mud was slung – something that is very seldom the case. Many people mentioned that discussing owls is like talking about religion. People generally have very strong views and they aren’t easily persuaded of alternative ways of looking at the world. I thought that was the case for me, but discussions like this and other owl related topics have opened my mind to new perspectives.

Personally I wouldn’t bait an owl for a photo, but I think that under certain circumstances I would be tempted to feed an owl. One of the readers mentioned that there is a distinction between these two activities and I would agree that there is a slight difference. Although I would have an internal conflict I may feed an owl that is battling to catch food. As Susan Williams mentioned, most owls in this predicament have other issues going on so I admit that feeding it wouldn’t be the ‘right thing’, I’m just admitting that I would be tempted to do it. I would only feed the owl if it was living on my property and we were far away from roads and other people. Reality check - this situation is not going to arise any time soon for me so I probably will never know what I would do. What I have realized during this debate is if you really open your mind there are grays areas, even in the ‘religious debate’ of owl baiting.
Thanks again for all of you hoo stopped in and voted and/or commented!

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Haaidaar. Hoe gaan dit met jou? Ek het lanklaas van jou gehoor. Dankie dat jy vandag vir my blog weer gekuier het. Soos ek hier lees, gaan sake nog goed daar. Het jy nie laas vir my gese dat jy miskien hierdie jaar weer SA toe kom nie?