Red bellied woodpecker: Wordless Wednesday


Lynne said...

Whoot! I can see the red belly!!

I was watching the owl cam yesterday. It's addictive.

Owlman said...

Hi Lynne,

Yeah, not often they show their red belly!

Lol, that owl cam is crazy. Did you check out the Tawny owl in Estonia? To open the webcam directly in Windows media player go to mms://tv.eenet.ee/kakk or to read about the project and then view the streaming player in your web browser go to http://www.eoy.ee/kodukakk/english/ The great thing is that they have night vision owl cam so you can check out all the action.

I'm starting an extreme Sparrow challenge tomorrow, so make sure you come back. You'll probably find it easy, although the ID's may be tough for some especially given the limited features in the photos.

Thanks for popping in and all the best!

Lynne said...

YAHOOO!! Sparrows!!

I can't wait to have something besides House Sparrows around here.

Bring it on!!

Christopher said...

Sweet - you know how much I like the woodpeckers! My problem is that I can never be "wordless" about them :^)