Watch nesting owls in real time

I'm currently watching two incredible streaming owl cams. The first one is a Great Horned owl that is nesting in a planter at Brevard County Commission. This morning I managed to see the chick popping up behind mom and it was busy preening away like there won't be another tomorrow. You can check out the owlcam at the top of my blog or go to their website. Please note that the owlcam is only available during the day. Thanks to Birdchick for posting the info!

The second owlcam is a Tawny owl brought to us by the Estonian ornithological society. To open the webcam directly in Windows media player click here or to read about the project and then view the streaming player in your web browser click here. Thanks to Aluajala for sharing this site with me!


Abe said...

I think these are really nice. I wish we had some owls here. We have but not in recent years.

Bird Girl said...

What in the world makes a GHO decide to nest in a planter??? That is just crazy! My hubby always says they like to be as high as they can get.
Last week I walked nearly 3/4 of the way up our mountain. I made a rather lousy GHO call and two began calling back and forth - so my hubby and I went back up a couple days later - late in the afternoon. I made a call once or twice and I saw both owls fly - one to the left - one to the right! But I have to say...it is just too FAR to watch an owl nest up a steep mountain! Why couldn't I be lucky to see one in a planter ;-)

North West Birds said...

In a planter?! That's strange. (For an owl at least).

rodbot said...

the tawny owl is pretty cool too.

too bad a squirrel has got to the eggs.

Owlman said...

Hi Abe,

Owls are around we just don't always here or see them - keep looking you'll get lucky at some stage.

Bird Girl, what are the GHO's nesting in/on top of? I am crazy enough to walk up any mountain if there are owls, although I'd prefer an owl in a planter any day!

North West Birds > Yip I guess this GHO skipped the section on nesting behavior in the GHO manual ;-)

Rodbot, thanks for popping in and commenting. It looks like some sort of Fisher robbed the nest of at least one egg. The good news is that the owl is back at it and I'm guessing that they relaid their eggs....

Thanks for popping in all and commenting - much appreciated!