Cool garden birds: Bunting & sparrow

I seldom see white crowned sparrow at my feeders and I didn’t see any this winter. This last week one popped up at my feeders to stock up for its migration. I have also been VERY fortunate to have my Indigo Bunting back in the yard – Yipppppeeee!


Patrick Belardo said...

Both are great yard birds. We had quite a few WC Sparrows on Sat and the Hook. Only one bunting though. I've had WC Sparrow once in my yard, but I've never been lucky enough to have an Indigo Bunting!

Tenafly, NJ said...

I saw a similar blue/black bird at my feeder last week. I did not get a real close look at it. Do you think it was an Indigo Bunting?

Carol said...

I have Indigo and Painted Buntings from Nov to April. They are just in their bright plumage when it's time to leave. I actually started my blog because of the pictures I got of them.


Owlman said...

Patrick, I love the WC's, although the Indigos rock the feeder!

Tenafly, I think you are onto something. Indigos often appear black when they don't have direct sunlight on them. I would say you got a great shot at an Indigo based on your description.

Painted Bunting - wow! I would love to see one, I'll be checking out your blog for sure!

Thanks for popping in all - MUCH appreciated!

Abe Lincoln said...

I have the white crowned sparrows but not the indigo bunting. Nice photos.

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Owlman said...

Hi Abe,

Thanks a lot. WC Sparrows are really awesome birds. Luckily my indigo is back at the feeder on a pretty regular basis.

Thanks for popping in.