Birding at Hoffman Park

Patrick was spot on when he commented that my next stop may be Hoffman Park in Union Township. I made a quick trip to Hoffman during the winter and I really like the habitat. Hoffman’s parking lot sits high above a sweeping meadow that transitions into forest habitat. Sunday had turned into a BEAUTIFUL day which is something pretty significant given the terrible overcast, cold and rainy weather that the North East has experienced this spring. As I made my way out of the parking lot I was alerted to a Willow Flycatcher. I scanned the hedgerow and saw a beautiful Brown Thrasher. The tone for an awesome birding stop had been set. Although I didn’t see anything majorly significant I saw a LOT of the ‘common’ birds. After leaving Hoffman I regretted not making a trip list as I saw a lot of nice birds at Hoffmann. The trip was quick but the outing to Voorhees and Hoffman was well worth it and I have a distinct feeling that Hoffman may become my ‘home’ stomping ground.
Tree Swallow

Male: Yellow Warbler

Male: Yellow Warbler

Female: Yellow Warbler


Patrick Belardo said...

Ha! That's funny that I guessed that. I haven't been there in about 4 years. Were there no Bobolinks or Grasshopper Sparrows? There were several of each last time I was there. Maybe the habitat has changed...

Owlman said...

Yeah, I saw several Bobolink. You mentioned to me before that there are Grasshopper Sparrow but I was unable to track any down. This was probably more a result of time constraints rather than them being MIA.