Favre in purple...really

I would never have thought that Brett would unretire once, never mind twice. The season with the Jets was fun to watch until the meltdown primarily due to Favre's shoulder injury combined with a POOR defensive showing. Now it looks like the rollercoaster is back on the tracks again and Favre will be signing with the Vikings VERY shortly. I'm amazed and astounded. Surely Favre knows that this will tarnish his reputation and I can only guess that his motivation is to stick it to Ted Thompson. It's been fun watching Favre, but these last few seasons of retirement, unretirement have made me think a little less of the guy. It turns out that Favre is like many other superstars and that he doesn’t necessarily think of the team first. I think his antics point to the fact that he is pretty self centered. We all like to stick our heroes on pedestals, but in the end they are just mere mortals with warts and all.

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