Favre again, off again

Looks like Mr. Favre has decided (or not...) not to come out of retirement (or not...). After months of speculation and then almost certainty (or not...) that Favre would definitely (or not...) join the Vikings, it seems that Favre is staying home - for now.

As a huge Favre fan even I'm tired of his off season flip flopping, but my main reason for being happy that he's not coming back (for now) is because I don't want to see another end of season crash like last year. I think Favre was a great player and he needs to sit on his tractor and enjoy his retirement. He had MANY great years in the limelight and he even has a Super Bowl ring - now it’s time to step away from the game and let the young guys have their fun. Based on the online poll the majority of people agreed that Favre shouldn't go to the Vikings although I'm sure your reasons may be very different to mine.

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