How did I get here?

Here are some of the unusual search terms that have brought people to my blog:
  • black tv bloggers
  • owls in nj kill dogs
  • exhibitionist
  • trapping a screech owl
  • owl interacting with a rat picture
  • were can i find expensive owls
  • screech owl puffed up what does that mean
  • owlcam towel
  • raptor force owl
  • juliet martens
  • trapping a screech owl
  • girl eaten by

I'm sure several of these folks wondered "how did I get here...."


Aluajala said...

"owls in nj kill dogs"
"girl eaten by"

oh oh search systems are sometimes such a fun

chilibean said...

I got here while looking up owl sounds, specifically northeastern owls, last night. I've been hearing noises right after dark behind my house for a month now. Last night it was across the street, really close, and then I finally saw it--on top of my neighbor's garage. I couldn't get close enough to I.D. before it flew to a tree a disappeared from sight. My 12 yr. old daughter was outside investigating with me and says she saw a white face (and claims she has better vision) Anyway, what a hoot. Somehow I got to your blog, glad I did. Great stuff, your photos, and folks' shared comments. I'm not sure I'm getting my comments to you--and cannot figure out how to answer your questionnaire--may have to enlist the help of someone more savvy. What's cool (and a little ironic?) is that I live on a freshwater lake that abuts Peconic Bay on L.I. I live on the main road, which can be very noisy, esp in summer. Ferry and summer traffic and all out front, and a bird's paradise behind me (lots of dead trees, woods,brambles, an open field next to the woods and the lake behind.) I've heard but not seen screech owls and Great Horned in my woods, but this fellow 'AAACHING" well into the night is a new one to me. I love it. Oooh! I wish I had night vision binoculars. This was my second owl sighting; I mention my first in your blog about the Saw Whet. Thanks again for your site--keep on owling!

Owlman said...

Hi Aluajala,

Yes search engines aren't always the most accurate ;-)

Hi Chillibean,

Thanks so much for stopping in sharing your owl experiences with me. Actually your experience sounds very similar to one I had while camping a few weeks ago. As it got dark I heard a very eerie sound in the trees. I thought it was a bird, because it sounded like it was making the noise while flying in. I went to take a look for it and it was 'calling' periodically. The weird thing was that once I moved into the thicket it sounded like the sound was coming from the ground. I was shining my light in the bushes, but to no avail. I gave up and walked back to our campsite. After about 20 minutes I heard the sound again and I grabbed my flashlight, determined to find the animal.

Again I spent several minutes shining in the bushes. Suddenly the sound was coming from my left. I backed around again and as I was shining the light I noticed something in small 4 foot bush. Sitting at the top was a young fledgling Screech owl. The sound it was making was VERY eerie and I haven't been able to find it on the internet. Naturally I left my camera at the campsite and by the time I thought about it the owl was ready to move on. No photo but a great experience.

Please let me know when you solve your mystery.

Thanks for popping in!