Northern Mockingbird - new nesting garden bird!

I finally managed to get some photos of the Mockingbird family that is nesting in my garden after an unsuccessful nesting attempt in my neighbor’s Japanese maple. The new nest is very well camouflaged and it looks like its part of the dead branches.

Tough to see the nest from here isn't it?

The nest is impossible to see from here, even though it is located directly above the ladder

I didn’t want to spend too much time taking photos and it turned out to be almost impossible to get a decent shot without disturbing the nest. I ended up shooting a couple of photos from the side which netted a rather fuzzy photo. Trust me, these are baby mockingbirds…

These guys can't be more than a few days old. Congrats on surviving the storm!


chilibean said...

Hi Owlman! Thanks for the photos-- I've never seen a Mocking B's nest, or have I? 'Probably right over my head and I don't know it! There are many here so now I know what to look for. Still trying to see my owls. I hear them constantly, still pretty sure its barn, but so far I cannot find them in their tree by day or night! I remain entranced but frustrated!

Owlman said...

Hi Chilibean,

I get a major kick out of finding a nest. This one was actually found by my mom in major part as she mentioned that the Mockers were hanging around back there.

Owling is VERY tough, which is why most people don't see owl often (if ever). Last year I went to look for Saw whet on four or five trips and struck out each time. I did find Long eared owls so that made up for it. It’s much like fishing - you need a lot of perseverance and patience.

Thanks for stopping in and commenting!