Wild tigers in Africa - video

Here's a video showing the aftermath of the unfortunate incident that took place at Tiger Canyons in South Africa.

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chilibean said...

Shadow acts like a dog I used to know! If she hasn't been deterred by a bullet in the foot, there may be other ways to train her to stop stalking and biting at the tires. About the work JV is doing...I don't see the harm if tigers are the only cats in the preserve; if its for sanctuary and increasing thier numbers to be moved to their native habitats. But to introduce them as a new species to the area is ludicrous. There is such a delicate balance there, now. Who's to say they won't wipe out the tortoise population? Or, they could make it even more difficult for cheetahs to prosper. Makes me nervous. I wonder what some of the older native folk in the area might think. I can see them shaking their heads.