Great Horned Owl Friday - Part2


chilibean said...

Great video--I love its eyes and cool, calm demeanor. I also have enjoyed the stream of owl shots you put on there. I am more hooked than ever! FYI, I think the owls have either died or moved away. My son and I were checking out the full moon the other night, and we heard the same calls but much further away, deeper into some woods about 1/2 mile or so from where my owls were roosting. I was glad I heard something, anyway. First time in a week. Thanks for all the pics!

Owlman said...

Hi Chilibean,

Glad you enjoyed the owls - my Flickr group has some amazing shots in it posted by folks all across the country. Don't lose hope with the owls. If you think their are Barn Owls in the area then I would still recommend building a box and putting it up. The owls will find it in short measure and if you stay patient I'm sure you'll have success.

Thanks for stopping in.



Gallicissa said...

Very interesting vid.