Screech owl calling

We had a fire call at 2 am this morning. As I was ambling to the car I heard the whinny of a Screech owl across the road. The fog of sleep lifted as I listened to the mysterious sounds of this little magical owl. It's nice to know that the owls are still in the area. Hopefully I'll get a roosting Screech owl again this Fall.



chilibean said...

Hey Owlman! Always enjoy your stories! I periodically hear a screech owl in the woods behind my house, more often in fall and spring. One night it was in a big maple right outside my kitchen door. I tried spying on it and even imitating it. I saw/heard this done by a birder I know and he successfully drew one out during an evening owl walk, so I tried, (key word, tried.) The screech did hang out for a bit but it was calling to another. Alas, my attempts to serenade it proved futile and it moved off. I never did see it but that was the first time it was so close!
It is very quiet at night now, except for the cars, and the absence of my barn owls is too clear. My hope is, after summer traffic ends and the roads quiet, I will hear more night callers. The fellow I speak of above is Tom Damiani--you can check him out on the northforkaudobon.org website. There are some nice places to bird out here and two campgrounds in Greenport. If you and your family ever come out this way, Mashomack preserve on Shelter Island also has great trails, lots of birds, and I think, kayaking. I don't know about camping there but your kids would love the short ferry ride from Greenport! On the North Fork we have Dam Pond and Inlet Pond County Park, great trails at both, and all within a couple of miles of each other. There's also the State Park in Orient, a beautiful place to bird, swim, great play ground for kids. Check it out sometime. Come one, come all! Gees, I sound like a tour guide. Hmmm, I'm looking for a new profession.

Owlman said...

I hear you Chilibean, much like you I am not VERY good at imitating Screech owls. I know a LOT of birders who are amazingly good at it though....

Thanks for all the camping info, I will definitely need to look in to it. From the sounds of it you will definitely make a GREAT tour guide.

Thanks for stopping in - much appreciated!