What's up with the weather - Flooding NJ

Last week Sunday we had a tornado-like storm rip through Hunterdon County in New Jersey. On Wednesday one of my large cherry trees got hit by a lightning bolt during a thunderstorm and yesterday we had some minor flooding as a result of an INTENSE thunderstorm. Although we managed to contain most of the damage our town was not as lucky!

Our fire house had water flowing through it

Looking at Main Street

The flooded brook that caused all the damage is down by the cop car

This weather has caused some excitement but I need some calm and sunny days so I can cut up the cherry tree that is now lying on my VERY wet lawn. Please can we hold off on the natural disasters until I get it out of the way - please....


chilibean said...

Hey Owlman. We have not had the street flooding out here at the end of L.I. but lots of big limbs down and old trees affected. We had torrential rains Fri. night.
Sadly, one of my owls (notice the "my") was killed sometime Fri.night or early Sat. morning, near where I once saw it swoop out of the trees toward its home. My friend, whose yard they live in, alerted me Sat. morning that she saw a big bird in the road. The area I mention is right next to a state road, lg buses and fast cars. Maybe the owl just swooped too low or the heavy rain affected its flight? I went out Sat. afternoon to check out the corpse. By then it had been pulled into the weeds. I was hoping it wasn't the owl, or to make a positive i.d. by getting a look at its head/face, but there was none! I then worried it had been shot, and this is still a possibility, but a friend also suggested that the head might be one of the first things other critters would go for. I did see long white legs and beautiful amber feathers--pretty sure its the Barn. 'Been doing some research and learned that sometimes barn owls will turn inward when they lose a mate, and just die. That was really depressing. I worry about the fledglings if the mate dies, and there could be a new clutch. So far I am still hearing them at night but they are not as vocal and its not continuing for as long. On the upside, I am considering an owl box on the edge of our property, which looks over a field where they hunt. If it gets occupied, they won't have to swoop down, over the road when returning to roost. This took the wind out of my sails a bit (I cried!), but I am hopeful that some of those that remain will make it and stay around. If you can't print this due to its graphic, sensitive and long nature, that's okay. (I'm totally new to this blogging!) I'll know you read it!

Owlman said...

Hi Chilibean,

Thanks for stopping in. Glad to hear that you've missed the flooding.

So sorry to hear about the owl. My guess would be a car strike as the cause of death. Having said that I would recommend putting the owl box out of the way of any traffic if at all possible. If you don't have a suitable tree you can always use a post to put the box on. Barn owls are well known for taking up residence in owl boxes so your efforts will probably be well paid back. Let me know how it goes.

Thanks agian for popping in and for letting me know what's happening with 'your' owls.