Imperial moth caterpillar

I My wife found this massive incredible caterpillar while camping a few weekends ago.  I had no idea what he was, so I didn't touch him.  The incident with the Saddleback caterpillar is still VERY fresh in my mind.  Based on my research the imperial moth caterpillar looks vicious but it is pretty harmless.


Jochen said...

Wow, that first pic is really nice, what a strange perspective.

chilibean said...

Very pretty, that one. Also,the saddle back fellow (I followed your link) is incredible, although it gives me the shivers! I always find something interesting on here, Owlman. 'Like I'm auditing a natural science class-- all the pleasure of learning without the worry of tests or papers to write! Thanks!

Shawn said...

Sharp Shots and very good macro!