Summer Snowy Owl in NJ?

The rare summer Saw whet owl in New Jersey has now officially been topped by a 'resident' summer Snowy owl!  Yip, this Snowy owl decided to spend the Summer on one of our New Jersey beaches, rather than heading for the colder climates up north.

Here's a link to the full story.


Dave said...

How did he spot him with all of the trash?

Jochen said...

It looks quite skinny. Surely some of the owl's Snowy melted away during the summer heat?


Owlman said...

Dave, I actually cringed when I saw the pic. Not a great advert for NJ... I actually haven't seen a beach that had trash on it in NJ, so I'm not 100% sure where this is. All I can think is that the owl was using the garbage as camouflage - lol. I always wonder how many people walked right by the owl - even fanatical birders!

Good point Jochen I'm sure some of the Snowy melted right off. We actually had a super mild summer with LOTS of rain so the owl picked a good year to stay put.

Thanks for stopping in and commenting gents, much appreciated! My blogging has been SUPER slow so it’s good to know that there are still people out there checking in from time to time ;-)

chilibean said...

I'm amazed that snowy was out and so wide eyed in the daylight. What a picture! (So odd to see it there--you sure it wasn't doing a DO NOT LITTER commercial?) All that trash could be from all the high winds and heavy waves we had from recent storms. Time for beach cleanup! Jochen made me laugh. Good one.

Will said...

There were at least 2 other Snowy Owls which summered in upstate NY this past summer. After last years invasion, it really shouldn't be a huge surprise.

Owlman said...

Chilibean excellent point on the high winds and storms.

Will, do you know if there were any nesting records in NJ or NY? I would assume that most of the stragglers were either first year birds or older birds.