Woodpecker fighting a snake

If you want to see something INCREDIBLE head over to my buddy Christopher's Picus blog for a video of a snake fighting a woodpecker.  I just realized that I just swopped the two around as my title says the woodpecker was fighting the snake.  Well you have a look and tell me who you think was the instigator and who was the winner.

Updated video link (12/14): http://vodpod.com/watch/2564915-liveleak-com-woodpecker-vs-snake-a-fight-over-a-woodpecker-nest


Owlman said...

The snake started it by going into the woodpeckers nest. She was merely definding her nest.

Anonymous said...

It was very interesting for me to read that post. Thanx for it. I like such topics and everything connected to them. I would like to read a bit more soon.

Tina said...

Neat slide show of all those owls..
I agree with Owlman...I think the snake was the invasive one..and Mom was just being a Mom!! Liked looking at all your previous posts!!
Do hope your owl box is used this yr would love to see you find some more owl pics!

Time Outdoors said...

I have a photography blog and the last couple of days I have been researching owl boxes and plan to build a few over the next couple of days. Your site was extremely helpful and I look forward to following along. I will post pictures of my owl boxes in a few days.

√ Abraham Lincoln said...

The video has been taken down. But these photos are very nice. I have only see two screech owls in the 47 years we have lived here.

Owlman said...

Thanks for the comments all. I updated the video link as it disappeared from the previous site. Thanks for the headsup Abe!

Incredible photos shared by the Flickr community group - Owls of North America. Click on the play button to begin the slideshow - ENJOY!