Itching to go owling

The last few months have been really busy.  My only real time to go birding is on weekends and my wife has been on call, we've had social events etc etc.  Anyway, I am really itching to go birding especially to track down an owl or two.

Hopefully I'll have something avian in nature to blog about soon.


Carol said...

I saw a beautiful Barred Owl the last time we were out on the boat. I was surprised how big it was. I've since heard 3 of them in the woods around our place.


Owlman said...

Awesome Carol. Have you ever thought about putting up a Barred Owl box? Barred owls are more picky than Screech owls but they have been known to take up residence in owl boxes. This site - http://www.owlcam.com/ was actually a massive inspiration for me building my box.

Thanks so much for stopping in. At least I know that someone is still looking at my blog ;-)