Mockingbird baby update

The Mockingbird family is doing well and the babies are growing at a nice pace. I managed to get up and shoot a few shots although mom and dad were watching and hissing all the time. It would be nice if they make it through the season with a successful clutch for their efforts. Sadly the Blue Bird baby was dead in the nest and it looks like it died from natural causes.

Hmm, you are cute cos you're SOOO ugly buddy!


Flooding: Part II

Video of flooding on Main Street in Clinton


What's up with the weather - Flooding NJ

Last week Sunday we had a tornado-like storm rip through Hunterdon County in New Jersey. On Wednesday one of my large cherry trees got hit by a lightning bolt during a thunderstorm and yesterday we had some minor flooding as a result of an INTENSE thunderstorm. Although we managed to contain most of the damage our town was not as lucky!

Our fire house had water flowing through it

Looking at Main Street

The flooded brook that caused all the damage is down by the cop car

This weather has caused some excitement but I need some calm and sunny days so I can cut up the cherry tree that is now lying on my VERY wet lawn. Please can we hold off on the natural disasters until I get it out of the way - please....