Turkey vulture robs Coopers Hawk

This morning I saw something I've never seen before. I was walking through the kitchen when I noticed a pair of Cooper’s hawks flying across my yard. One landed in the dead pine tree and the other cruised across to the neighbors (or so I thought). As I watching the Coop in the dead pine and thinking how the Mockingbird babies’ heart must be racing, I saw a Turkey Vulture swoop DIRECTLY at the Coop. The Coop was forced to fly off to avoid a direct hit. That’s weird, Vultures normally leave raptors alone I thought. While these thoughts were going through my head I saw the Turkey Vulture heading the opposite direction across the lawn holding a bird in its talons. AHA, I just witnessed a shake down!!
I tried to get a shot of the Coops, but they were pretty nervous having had a lot of attention from the neighborhood watch (Crows, Jays, Vultures et al). This summer the Coops have been nesting somewhere across the road in a neighbors' yard. I've heard and seen them a LOT which is awesome. Hopefully their nesting attempts have been successful.