Warbler ID - Help needed

Warblers and gulls are definitely ID weak spots for me.  I saw this little dude in my garden a couple of days and I think I know what it is, but I want your input - please.  He pretty much split his time catching bugs in the mid section of trees as well as pretty close to the ground.  Tail pumping was a regular feature of the bird's behavior.  The weather was lousy and I couldn't get very close to the little guy so your ID guess may be pretty hard to make.


Tonight's gonna be a good night

I hope tonight's a good night and that you have an even better weekend! This song always gets me in a good mood even after a LONG week - hope it does the same for you...

Show me the ruby crown!

Found this little Ruby Crowned Kinglet zooming around the yard and I managed to capture his crown which I've never managed before. If you ever see a tiny birding acting like its on speed you have a pretty good shot at a Kinglet.

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