Busy brown creeper

Had little Brown Creeper running around in my pine trees.  I spent a good hour working on gettting a decent shot but failed pretty miserable....   However, the photos do give you a sense of the busy nature of this incredible little bird.


Garden list up to 81!

With the addition of two new Warblers - Palm and Prothonotary my garden list has moved to 81.  No photos of the Prothonotary but I did manage some snaps of the Palm and with the help of all my blogging buddies I got a positive ID.  My initial thoughts were Palm but I've also seen a few Warblers that look like Prairies.  With the feedback from everyone I will have some more looks and see if I can get some more snaps of some of the confusing individuals.

PS:  I saw two Prothonotary Warblers in the garden high up in the pines and they were stunning!