Itching to find a 'winter owl'

As I typed the heading I realized that the title of this post is incorrect as I have already bagged a Snowy owl, which clearly qualifies as a 'winter owl'.  The Snowy I tracked down a couple of weeks ago was actually my first  Snowy in NJ.  So what other winter owls are out there.  On the list is Saw whet, Long eared and Short eared owl.  I have struck out on Saw whet for several years now and this year doesn't look very promising based on the slow migration rates in the states around us.

Along with the typical winter owls I am also hoping that a Great horned owl nesting spot will be used this year.  Anyway, hoping to do some owling this upcoming Thanksgiving weekend.  If I manage to track down an owl it will be earliest winter owl I've managed to track down.

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