Searching for the elusive Saw whet owl

Took a quick run to PA this morning to see if I could find a Long eared owl or a Saw whet.  I have been striking out on Saw whet the last few years and I was hoping that my luck would change.  The weather was very cooperative and it was pretty toasty by 7 am.    Although I spent an hour knocking on the usual doors I struck out on both Long eared and Saw whet.  This is the first time I've been out to this spot in November and I am hoping that my luck will change later in winter.

I was lucky enough to see a Screech owl popping its head out of a 'Wood duck box'.  I had to chuckle to myself considering that I am the only person in the world who can't attract a Screech owl pair to my owl box.  To add salt to the wounds my blog is named after the aforementioned vacant owl box.  I had to wonder if I'd get a tenant if I started calling it a Wood duck box.  To be consistent I will also need to change the name of the Blog to the Wood duck box.... doesn't have the same ring does it.  How about Wood duck owl box blogspot - shoewee what a mouth full ;-)

Anyway here is a photo of the Screech owl that was mocking me with his/her cuteness.  This is the first photo that I've taken with my 300mm lens and the 1.4 extender.  I'm pretty impressed with the results, especially give that I had to manual focus it.  I also found a very cooperative Great Blue Heron.


Scott said...

If it make you feel any better, I have yet to get screech owls even to visit the boxes at my home, I can get them when I put them up else where, but at my home. nope.

Utau-Inu said...

Hi, my name is Brian Stewart and I'm a producer for the TV news magazine show Neighborhood Journal on Cablevision's Local Programming Channel. I stumbled across your blog while researching a story I'm working on about owl spotting in Northern NJ and thought you might be interested in being a part of that. Perhaps we could plan an owl spotting excursion? Additionally, we could go out and see your owl box and you could talk about the hobby on camera. Or if you didn't want to be on camera maybe you know someone who would want to do it. If you're interested please e-mail me at bstewar1@cablevision.com. Thanks for your time.