A snowy owl adventure with my favorite birder!

Scanning the NJ listserv on Thursday I noticed that a Snowy Owl had showed up pretty close to home.  I emailed a few folks on got some tips on where the owl was being seen.  The stars were aligned as my daughter was off from school on Friday.  My daughter is 7 years old and she is starting to show some more interest in birding.  On Thursday she initiated an impromptu bird walk, so it wasn't too hard to convince her to make the trip out for a rare Snowy owl.

We headed out around 11 am on a BITTERLY cold day that reminded me of the Super Bowl of birding weather - COLD.  When we got there I re-read the instructions and realized that the owl was being seen some distance away.  We bundled up and make the hike to the other side of the reservoir.  We then hiked through the brush (thorny) and scouted the water line.  No dice!   I looked over to the reservoir wall and saw several birders looking down the wall.  We hiked across there and we saw a few folks camping at the bottom of the wall, apparently watching the owl.  By this time my side kick was pretty pooped, but I wasn't going to allow us to go home empty handed.

We made the trek down and enjoyed some magnificent views of the Snowy owl! Awesome day with my little girl.  Happy veteran's day honey - thanks for making the trip with me!