Snowy Owl Invasion

Snowy Owls lead nomadic lives and travel vast distances from year to year searching for productive feeding areas. Some years, most recently in the winter of 2011/2012, conditions cause them to come south in great numbers.

Get an intimate look at these white owls from the north through video and photographs captured by the Cornell Lab's, Gerrit Vyn.

See also: Snowy owl adventure with my favorite birder here.


Rid said...

Have just found your blog whilst searching for owl box information, brilliant!!
I too get called the "owl man" by friends, family and local land owners.
I currently have 79 different owl boxes that I've made and erected in my part of the world, Leicestershire, England.
You can catch up with my activities on my blog - owlsaboutthatthen.blogspot.com
Keep up the good work and now I've found you I'll be returning to catch up with what you are doing.
PS why do you not have a follows gadget on your blog?

Regards Rid (the UK owlman!).

Owlman said...

Hey Rid,

79 owl boxes - wow I need to check that out. I took your suggestion and added the follow me gadget - thanks.

Happy owling and thanks for stopping by!

owlproject12345 said...

is there any way that i can watch the owl nests live?

owlproject12345 said...

is there any way i can watch a live nest cam?