Spotted Eagle owl nest

If you haven't checked out this blog from my old home town in South Africa please do so.   These lucky people have spotted eagle owls nesting in a pot plant located on their balcony - incredible!


Owl box location - photo

Owl box now laocated to the top left of the picture about 50 feet from the pine tree row.

Owl box in new location

I finally decided to move the owl box to a new location.   This is the 3 rd location and I am confident that this one will be a winner.   The new location is on my lawn at the back of my garden.  The box is on a 10 foot post and the entrance hole is about 7 1/2 feet from the ground.   To discourage squirrels I put a baffle on the post.   In addition the box is far enough from any trees which means that squirrels won't be able to jump onto the roof.  The day after I put the box in the new location I had a pair of Screech owls calling in my river birch outside my bedroom window.  I am hoping that this is a good omen.   No sighting of any owls during the day....   It's still early days as the owls will only start nesting at the end of March.