Not an owl in sight

I checked the owl box today and there was no sign of an owl. To make things even bleaker, the wood chips inside the box looked undistributed. I was at least hoping to see a neat little bowl in the middle of the box, but sadly this was not the case.

As I mentioned previously it looks like my only shot of attracting a pair of owls is later in the season if their initial attempts fail at another nesting site.


Screech owl box ~ No activity yet

So far I haven't seen or heard an owl near the new location of the box.  This is definitely prime time for Screech owl nesting, so I'm hoping for some action in the near future.   My best bet of attracting a pair would probably be a young pair that is new to the area.   Established pairs are most likely using the same nest cavity as previous years.

I'll probably give in to temptation and do a quick site check over the weekend.

PS:  I found another local NJ Screech Owl landlord at New Jersey Screech Owl.  Michael literally lives a stone's throw away from me.