New location for the Screech owl box

We recently moved to a new 17 acre property that has a couple of pastures with mature trees around the edges. I haven't had much free time to scout for birds, but I did manage to take a walk early one evening and was able to call a pair of Screech owl using a recording. Late Friday night I was pleasantly surprised when a Screech owl called from some trees right next to our bedroom window. Based on these developments, I decided it was time to put up my owl box. I decided to put it up in my backyard, where I'll be able to keep an eye on it. The new location is very close to where the owl was calling. Sunday I spent a hot afternoon digging through bed rock to get the post down to a decent depth. The owl box is on a 12 foot post, so you have to get it down at least 2 feet to ensure that wind and wildlife won't pull it down. After a few hours of digging I was at a good depth and the owl box went up. Last night my wife called me and told me that the Screech owl was 'going crazy'. I managed to hear the tail end of some pretty serious vocalization. All of this is pretty good news, but I am trying to stay calm. Maybe I will finally get lucky this year in my new location!


Anonymous said...

Hi just found your blog. I started construction of two Owl Boxes this weekend.

I am somewhat confused on placement of them though. I have read anywhere from 10 feet to 20 feet up and heavy shade to open areas for easy access.

Could you blog about placement of boxes? I can go up 20 feet easily but that means a lot of sun in my part of Texas.

Owlman said...

Hi there,

I have heard different guidance on height also ranging from 10-20 feet. I would recommend 10 feet as that makes it relatively easy to access the box with a standard ladder. Based on my research 10 feet is high enough for all owls that use boxes in the US, including barn owls. Keeping the box cool is important so a shady location is a good idea. Also make sure to either keep the box a natural and varnishing it or painting it a light color. In addition, it should ideally be facing South.

Apologies for the tardy reply. I assume you've already hung the box. Would love to hear more about your location and any results.