Barn Owl Box

I am in the process of completing my construction of a Barn Owl box. Although attracting a Barn Owl is a long shot, but I had to give it a try. Here is a photo of the current status. More info to follow.


Megan Kirkpatrick said...

Love your owl box and blog in general! It can be frustrating to wait for occupants, and screech owls are indeed ubiquitous, yet tricky to attract. I am an ecologist doing a research project related to barn owls and have a new business called Northwest Raptor Project (www.nwraptor.com) which focuses on attracting raptors- mainly to farmland and wineries, and especially with barn owl box programs. Trying to help others reduce the use of rodenticides and protect wildlife at the same time. I also utilize nest cams. I am on the other side of the country where we have the western screech and a ton of barn owls. Anyway, obviously we share some similar interests. I am curious if you have looked into installing a perch in front of your box? I know with many cavity-nesting owls it can help them find the box faster. It also looks like you have open grassland meeting woods-a good thing! How often do you mow? If possible, try to let a strip near the trees grow out and mow as late in the year as possible. This makes for great hunting! Of course, the less disturbance the box receives, the better. Sometimes it is just a matter of waiting. Anyway, keep it up!

Owlman said...

Hi Megan,

I didn't install a perch because a lot of the research I read indicated that a perch makes it easier for Great Horned Owls to access the nest. I did put a divider up, so that should help with that issue. I'll definitely take it into consideration.

We mow the pastures twice a year. The wooded area is pretty much overgrown but I will also consider leaving a patch longer to see if that helps with mice.

I'm definitely waiting... Still no sign of any Screech owls although they've been around. I even contacted some rehabs to see if they would do any releases on my property. I guess you never know.

If you're ever in the NJ area please let me know. Would love to connect.