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If you're new to the blog or just stopped in to read more about owls, please say hi:


chilibean said...

Hi Owlman. It's been a long time. Got busy, lost track, ect. I have been viewing the Barn Owl webcam on allaboutbirds.org all spring and summer and it has been a blast. I've had Barn Owls near my home and in my back yard twice now, in the last 6 years,but not in the last two. I think they are my new favorite but only because they nested and roosted nearby for a time, and two years ago one flew overhead, to get to the fledglings that were carrying on in alarm in my back yard. Then we had a terribly hard rain for two days straight and i did not hear them again. I was so sad! Anyway, I found you tonight, see you were building a barn owl box. Cool. Will check in once in a while. If you haven't seen the webcam mention above, check it out. Look at the previous clips, back to early May, when the mama fends off a snake. She is so amazing. Cam is in Texas.
Good to see you still on here.

Owlman said...

Thanks for stopping by Chilibean! I will definitely check out the webcam. Barn Owls are tough to attract but I figured it was worth a try. At the very least I'm hoping for a Screech Owl to take over the box. I really haven't had much luck with them for some odd reason.